Prawns/Fish Koliwada..


A crisp starter is what you need during winter dinners, and when craving for some sea food, this recipe will work just right!

My all time favourite, won’t turn out less amazing in chicken too , but definitely try this in prawns and fish too . The term Koliwada refers to fishermen tribes from Indian cities, and this type of delicacy being common in them,   is both quick and mouthwatering. This starter tastes better with mint, chilly  and lemon chutney.


1/2 kg prawns / boneless fish 

1/2 cup curd

2 tbsp ginger garlic paste

2 tsp red chilli powder 

1 tsp garam masala powder

1/4 tsp red food colour 

1 tsp cumin powder

1/2 tsp ajwain( bishops weed)

1 egg

2 tbsp cornflour 

Salt to taste

Oil for frying 

Marinate the prawns/fish with all the ingredients,  except cornflour, for 2 hours. Before frying mix in cornflour  and deep fry in hot oil and serve with mint chutney. Sprinkle some chaat masala powder ( optional), before serving. Garnish with chopped cilantro and onion rings.


Safest n Softest!!!

  Each child born on the planet is unique in it’s own way, and requires the utmost care necessary. As a tiny new Angel acquires a prominent role in a parent’s life, our paternal instincts get to work. We try considering the minutest details for our baby’s care and upbringing, and strive to make everything touch the core of perfection. One of our topmost concern is our baby’s skin, which needs intense nursing and love. 

So here are some simple yet useful tips regarding the same which will help new mothers  maintain their baby’s skin as soft as ever!

  1. Use parabens- free products

Before buying any product for your baby like soap , powder , shampoo etc. Make sure it’s parabens – free. ( a chemical used as a preservative in soaps, shampoos  other products ) 

2.Oats and milk paste

Grind oats and milk into a magical  paste and use for massaging your baby before bathing. Use baby fabric conditioner.

3.Wash your hands

Make sure you and anyone who wants to hold the baby always wash  hands thoroughly before doing so. 

4.Use of disinfects for moping

Keeping house floors , especially the baby play areas germ free is one of the highest priorities. Using disinfectants proved to be a great help in achieving our goal.

5. Using a baby fabric conditioner 

Often rashes occur due to baby’s clothing material which get a bit coarse as threads tend to loosen up after several washes, especially when dried out in open air. But this can be solved by using fabric conditioners especially designed for baby’s clothes which will keep their clothes soft and fresh.

Hope this post helps new parents in a better upbringing of their babies.

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Softest skin for your baby!

  Motherhood opens a totally different chapter in a woman’s life, dignifying every aspect of her coming days. It changes everything, from chores to entertainment, each situation now has a new life to share those feelings. Be it a tiresome day, or a lovely evening with family , a baby’s smile changes it all, elevating a mother’s love and happiness. The most grasping moments that stay in a mothers memory are her cuddling her little one, playing with him/ her and feeling their soft skin. So how to maintain that ever- soft feel without much effort and expense? Here are some simple tips to help new mothers keep their Little Angels smiling all day!

  1. Milk with saffron

Gently massage your baby with milk and a few saffron strands . Bath your baby 10 minutes post massage.

2.Coconut  and olive oil.

This mixture works wonders with baby skin. Massage your baby with this fusion oil at night or before bathing. 

3. Almond/ coconut oil infused with Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera has proven to be beneficial for skin since ages. Infused with almond / coconut oil and applied to your baby, you will see the difference for yourself!

4.Breastfeed your baby and Drink lots of water

Breastfed babies are proven to have a lot of health benefits including a healthy and subtle skin. But the main idea is that the feeding mother should drink lots of water, which will keep your baby’s skin well hydrated and glowing.

5.Use a mild detergent for baby laundry 

Use a very mild detergent ( even a little shampoo will do) for your little ones laundry. Avoid using anti- bacterial solutions as these contain strong chemicals and detergent bars which tend to leave a whitish residue on the clothes.

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Kashmiri Prawns!

  Kashmir! A state in north India famous for its aromatic dishes and a cuisine with a twist. Creamy yet light, there’s a very thin line between Mughlai and Kashmiri food, which often confuses people. You can hardly tell   the difference! The main difference is the less use of spices and the method of cooking consisting mostly grilling or slow fire pots. So here’s a recipe for of a dish which will provide you with mouth watering richness and fragrance. Also a beauty to your eyes, it can be tried by substituting its protein ingredient each time, so you get a different finger licking goodness every time you follow this recipe.

Ingredients (for the marinade)

  1. 2 tbsp garlic chopped 
  2. 2 tsp chillies chopped
  3. 3 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder 
  4. 1 tsp black pepper 
  5. 1 tsp turmeric powder 
  6. Oil ( for greasing)
  7. Salt to taste
  8. 1 tsp dry basil
  9. 1 tsp dry thyme
  10. 2 tbsp nandos hot peri peri sauce( can use any hot sauce)


    Devein the prawns and flatten them. Wash thoroughly and mix with all the above ingredients. Set aside for 3-4 hours. 

    Ingredients (for the sauce)

    1. 1 tsp chopped garlic
    2. 1-2 chopped chillies
    3. 1/2 tsp dry basil
    4. 200 grms tomato purée
    5. 50 grms butter
    6. 200 grms fresh cream
    7. 2 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder
    8. 1/4 tsp Black pepper powder 
    9. Little chopped coriander 
    10. 1/2 a lemons juice
    11. 1 tsp sugar
    12. Salt to taste

    Combine all the ingredients in a pan and cook until well combine and fragrant. Now grill the prawns after greasing in a grill or oven. Remove the prawns in the serving dish when done and pour the sauce over them. Serve hot with fries and rice.

    Simply Crisp!

      Guess Kashmiri prawns  will have to wait cause this ones my favourite.What it takes for a simple fish fry?  Spiced up with Indian spices, and fried to crunchy texture, this recipe is amazingly luscious when served with Indian flatbread ( wheat chapatis). Sounds good!! Well here’s the simple yet richly spiced promfret from the famous South Insian cuisine.

    Fish fry


    1. 1 kg promfret fish( or any- the bigger the better)
    2. 1/4 cup lemon juice
    3. 2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
    4. 1/2 tsp pepper powder( coarse)
    5. 2 tsp cumin powder
    6. 1 tsp red chilli powder (spicy)
    7. 2 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder( less spicy)
    8. 1 -2 turmeric powder 
    9. 2 tsp coriander powder
    10. Salt to taste
    11. Oil for frying


      Clean and cut the fish. Apply salt and wash thoroughly. Mix all the spices and ginger garlic paste in lemon juice and marinate the fish pieces well for an hour or two. Shallow fry in a non stick pan. When the fish is done , fry the left over marinade in the pan and serve along with the fish. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves. Serve with wheat flatbreads(chapatis).

      Basil chicken with Rice… Too good!!

        So sorry about the delay in this post and couldn’t get to make Kashmiri prawns. Instead I made Basil Chicken.  
      Another of my successfull experiments, this one turned out just right. So do make and indulge in this gourmet food!


      1. 1/2 kg boneless chicken ( cut in small a cubes)
      2. Handful of basil leaves( chopped)
      3. 2 tbsp garlic ( chopped)
      4. 1 small onion ( chopped)
      5. 4-5 Baby corns (sliced)
      6. 2-3 chillies ( sliced)
      7. 1/2 cup oyster sauce
      8. 2 tbsp soya sauce 
      9. 1 tsp vinegar
      10. 1 tbsp sugar
      11. 2-3 tbsp cornflour paste
      12. 2 tbsp green chilli sauce
      13. Pepper powder n salt to taste
      14. 1-2 tbsp Oil


      Heat oil in a deep heavy bottom pan. Add half of the basil leaves , garlic , onion and chicken . Close lid and simmer until tender. When the chicken is cooked ,stir in the sauces and add baby corn and chillies . Sauté for two mins , add 2-3 cups of water( acc to the required gravy). Now add the cornflour paste and stir well. Put pepper and salt . Lastly add the remaining basil leaves . Serve with steamed rice.

      Healthy and easy-peasy! Gonna love it for sure.

      Drawing Barriers;

        Who said that we have gained our independence. What did we achieve after all those freedom fighters getting slaughtered by the British people? Have we earned it yet? Corruption and politics still prevail like a stigma in our society and democracy dying  a painful death every other day. The recent murder of an innocent  in Dadri due to just a rumour  that he had consumed beef has shook the nation’s comman man. Why aren’t we able to see the reason behind  the creation of such crimes and the people behind it? Democracy was created to bring about a change and difference in the lives of our citizens. But today we just read those rights without any context with our lives. Reality is so cruel!

      Now we can’t even decide what are we supposed to eat? This is just a game play, which takes a terrific twist when added the words ‘religious culture ‘ to it. Has our humanity stooped so low ? The ban on beef was one major reasons that sowed the seed of the crime. But what about the illiterate fanatics which get carried away and are disrupting the  harmony which prevails. So barriers are drawn on rumours which being the main ingredient in the murder of the little humanity we have left. The government has been helping the victim’s family but the ban on beef has already done it’s part. No doubt our nation’s unity, being a target of political systems, needs citizens that educate and revolutionalise our thinking and beliefs. Killing rumours would be a good start!

      This post is a part of Write Over The Weekend an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda.

      Sweet n sour stir fry!!

      Wanna grab a quick snack, or a great starter eligible for all ages?? Believe me kids will love it and there’s no better way to feed veggies to them. Here is a recipe,speedy and cushy, loaded with nutrition and taste. So get going , and don’t wait to try this one!


      1. 2 tbsp crushed garlic
      2. 3-4 chopped chillies
      3. 250 grms cottage cheese( cubed)
      4. 200grms bell peppers( cubed)
      5. 200 grms water chestnuts (peeled and cut into halves)
      6. 6-7 baby corns( sliced slant)
      7. 2tsp soya sauce 
      8. 3 tsp vinegar 
      9. 2-3 tsp sugar
      10. 2 tbsp green chilli sauce
      11. A pinch ajinomoto 
      12. Salt to taste
      13. 2 tbsp oil
      14. 1 1/2 tbsp of cornflour ( paste in half cup of water)


      Heat oil in a non stick pan. Add garlic and chillies. Sauté for a min or two. Add baby corn and water chestnuts. Sauté for 3-4 mins . Add the sauces, sugar and salts. Stir well. Now add the bell peppers and cottage cheese cubes . Lastly pour in the cornflour paste , cook for a min , mix well and serve immediately.

      Social threat- JUDGEMENTALISM

      I judge others,

      For judging others,

      It’s something we all do. 

      We look down on people ,

      For looking down on people,

      Even though we do it too.

             These lines caught my eyes, and  I know it’s  not something of a lot of interest to talk about, but JUDGEMENTALISM is a disease untreated in our society till date, has been infecting the very rooted core of humanity since ages.

      World threatening issues like Syrians being washed to the shore, downfall in world market and many more recieve the limelight these days. Of course posting a pic on Fb will get many likes, though there are only a few really helping . But what about the bigger issue prevailing in our own homes and around us between friends and families. Where relationships are scaled on the basis of our own perspective without even knowing what would it be like to step in someone else’s shoes.
      We judge. When we whine about others doing so to us, why don’t we refrain from judging. Just for the sake of our heart’s complacency , we try to prove others wrong. But the worst thing is, not even realising that we too are doing the same thing of judging ( though it may be for trivial matters.)

        Not smug yet? Still questioning yourself how often you do that? Still trying to recall if something of that sort happens by you too?

      Here are some examples of incidents that will throw light on the matter:

      • Neighbour’s son breaks a pot in your lawn- Careless/Mannerless
      • Beggar comes begging- Lazy
      • Maid is late- Ugh, always those lame excuses 
      • Your Cook made a dish salty by mistake-Not vigilant enough, Has lost interest in his duty
      •  Tailor spoiled your fit- Idiotically careless
      • Husband/wife  a bit late from work/tired -doesn’t love me like before
      • A friend ditches for shopping/lunch- doesn’t care/fake

      And the list goes on…..

      We may not say that aloud, but in our minds , our subconscious interprets all the wrong  judgements promptly on the basis of half truths or incomplete facts, and this habit is rooted deep in our communities. Sometimes we don’t even bother do give a benefit of doubt before making the wrong assumptions. 

      So how do we cure ourselves and our kids (for starters)because charity should first begin at our very own homes. What is a greater charity to humanity than curbing this stigma of wrong judgements which ruins our decisions.Edit


      •  Give a thought before u assume

      Wrong assumptions trigger negative thoughts and feelings. So relax and think twice.

      • Try reasoning 

      The moment you are caught in a situation of judging someone on his/her mistake or an excuse, reason with the person and try understanding their despair.

      • Stay neutral- minded 

      This trait will help your reasoning and make you decide better. Is- someone -worthy- of -your -trust- or- no kind of situation .

      • Try to step in their shoes(not literally)

      Try imagining yourself in the person’s place you are about to judge. It’s easier that way when you have to take sides( in a two – party situation like fight or disagreement)

      • Let it go !

      Someone just made you angry or didn’t fulfill your expectations ( eg:kids and their results .) let go and wait for a better day. No one is perfect including you.

      • Adjust and adapt

      Some people will never change and you will have to deal with their crap forever. Never mind, try changing yourself. ( it’s easier said than done)

      • Be calm 

      Totally messed up scenarios requires a more subtle solution and a more intelligent person to remain calm. Make yourself that intelligent one!

      So build a great life with greater values and  inculcate open mindedness in your kids and family. Spread happiness and exuberance around you, build a better social culture and future. Do this not only for yourself but for your country too. Though your actions maybe small but happiness is contagious . So keep spreading love and stop judging wrongly!

        Coconut water jelly- A palm fruit replica….

        Post heavy- meals – dessert- cravings require a sweet treat which needs to be balanced both calorie and taste wise. Especially when it’s a sea food meal, here’s a recipe which strikes an impeccable desired balance for your taste buds and also chills you right through the core.Easily accessible ingredients and quick to accomplish, you will surely love it’s outcome.


        1. 3 glasses of fresh coconut water with one cup of fine coconut from the shell.
        2. 1 1/2 glasses of water
        3. 10 grms China grass powder
        4. 4 tbsp sugar


        Take the coconut water and mix in the fine coconut pieces.keep aside.Boil the water and sugar. Make a paste out of the china grass powder by adding 3 tbsp of water in it. Add this paste to the boiling water and stir well. Remove from fire after a minute and add to the coconut water. Pour into bowls or glasses u wish to serve in and let it set until firm enough. Serve chilled. Can garnish with berries too.

        So try this amazing recipe as soon as you can and enjoy it cooling effect.