Frozen – movie and a dessert!!!

      Pleasing kids is not an easy métier; and when the demand is spending quality time with your little buddies, a parent needs to disguise herself / himself as a kid even younger to them. As the world advances towards new technologies, the kids have become more demanding by nature; and never settle for less. We as parents also endeavour a lot on providing the best for our little ones, be it anything from games to food. Especially, when it comes to food, I being a spontaneous cook , like to make something instead of ordering ,( when in mood , of course, coz ordering from out is much more painless.)

       Yet another holiday today, and deciding something fruitful and funfull that can be implemented…. With kids..,, lol. I would recommend the movie Frozen with a delicious frozen dessert. Wow !!! That sounds entrancing after a simple dinner, this heavy and nutritious dessert is surely to win your kid’s hearts.  So get up and get going……

Frozen cheese cake


  1.  200 ml fresh cream
  2. I tin nestle cream
  3. 1 pack laughing cow cheese triangles
  4. 1 tin nestle milkmaid ( condensed milk)
  5. 1/2 cup milk
  6. I small pack of digestive / Marie biscuits
  7. 1/2 tinned pineapple slices cut in small pieces
  8. 1/2 cup chocolate syrup 
  9. 1 cup cornflakes

Method: In a bowl , blend together the cheese, milks and creams. For the base, grind the biscuits and spread in a deep dish and freezeEdit for five mins. You can also break the pieces and add to the blended mixture .( Cake without base, to save time). Pour the cream mixture over the base… If you are preparing without one, then pour directly in the dish. Add pineapple pieces and freeze for 6-8 hours on high. When well Frozen , top it with chocolate sauce and cornflakes . Make triangular pieces and serve.

  You can top it with variety of toppings like strawberry , blueberry syrups, or fresh fruits or garnish with your choice of nuts too! As for the movie, it’s so amazing, you will want to watch it again with more yummy desserts. Yes you are right, more lovely recipes on the way. Till then , enjoy!!


Happy Independence Day-  proud to be an Indian!!! A ravishing recipe on the very theme.

      Saffron , white , green and the blue chakra are the colours of our Tiranga, also the more prominent colours of the rainbow. How can we miss them being true- hearted Indians. How about a Recipe named Rainbow rice… Actually it should be renamed- Tiranga rice – to go along with our theme.


     Finger-licking goodness is what is promised here in this delicacy. 


  1. 1 kg boneless chicken 
  2. 2-3 tbsp ginger- garlic paste
  3. 1/4 kg curd
  4. 1/2 pack tandoori masala
  5. 150grms French beans( cut into strips)
  6. 1/4 kg carrot (cut into strips)

Grind a paste of :

  1. 1 fistfull of almonds and cashews 
  2. 2 tsp red chilli pd
  3. 2 tbsp ketchup
  4. 2 tbsp red chilli sauce
  5. 2 tbsp hot sauce
  6. 1 tbsp soya sauce 
  7. 4-5 boiled eggs
  8. 4-5 tbsp cooking oil
  9. Salt to taste
  10. 2 tins half  boiled n drained rice

Method: Heat oil and fry the boiled eggs till golden . Remove and fry the veggies. Remove and set aside. Add tle chicken, the ground paste , chilli pd , tandoori masala and sauces and sauté well. Add curd and cover and cook till chicken is tender. Add the veggies and eggs and mix well. ( can add fried potato strips). Cover up with boiled rice . Colour the twice by adding food colours (Orange, green , blue and yellow , keeping one section white). Cover with a tight fitting lid and cook on a low flame till aroma arises (25-30 mins). Serve with raita or salad.


Café Basilico- A Scrumptious dining place!

     Yet as another weekend approaches, my mind is already racing from managing my chores-to -do- list to where-to-eat-on-Saturday kind of stuff. As a mother of three , my pre – planned schedule becomes a boon to my toiling days. Then again , I have this predicament of deciding a multi-cuisine restaurant or bribing my elder one with a lucious dessert, so that I get to eat at my favourite places.
          Café Basilico is the answer to my upcoming weekend, though I realise it’s not much of an anticipated break with three kids and their never-ending tantrums. Still….

Something is better than nothing

       The taste of their exotic dishes hailing from Mediterranean and middle-Eastern cuisine, relieves the stress. I have visited the place twice before, but each jaunt promises a totally new experience.    
          While ordering for food , it’s crucial for me to strike a balance between taste and health. Their four cheese fondue as an entreé is a must, the Mediterranean platter, chargrilled rawas,Thai curry, creamy chermoula chicken are a few exemplary dishes to mention. But the menu offers a lot more than you can believe;from salads to appetisers ;burgers and sandwiches; from waffles to coolers …… And their authentic taste will leave you tempted for more. 
       Well, for the amazing non-alcoholic drinks(passion fruit mojito and Apple peach cooler being the best) and the dessert section , there is so much to explore each time you visit this place . The ambience and service being up to the mark, you are sure to have a hospitable evening. I am already waiting for my Satuday… Are you’ll still deciding?

Nandos Peri – Peri Chicken recipe

Finally, the much anticipated recipe is here. Hope you all enjoy the whole process from cooking to devouring this amazing entrée.

Peri peri chicken:

Ingredients: ( for marination)

  1. 1 kg chicken (medium pieces)
  2. 2tsp garlic ( chopped)
  3. 1tsp chillies (chopped)
  4. 1tsp red chilli powder
  5. 1/2tsp turmeric powder
  6. 2tbsp nandos hot peri peri sauce
  7. Salt to taste

Method:  Wash the chicken and marinate with all the above ingredients for 4-5 hours.

Ingredients: (for the gravy)

  1. 2tsp garlic (chopped)
  2. 3tbsp butter
  3. 4-5 tbsp Nandos hot peri peri sauce
  4. 2tbsp ketchup
  5. 4 tbsp mayonnaise
  6. 1-2tsp red chilli powder
  7. Juice of half a lemon
  8. 1/2tsp dried basil 
  9. Little salt
  10. 1/2 paprika

Method : Heat butter in a pan. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook until the mayonnaise melts and gets well incorporated. Now grill the marinated chicken until well cooked on a chargrill or  a braai . Pour the hot gravy over the grilled chicken and serve with fries or rice.

True to its name , this peri peri dish is sure to leave you craving for a dessert….. Hmmmmm. Guess have to post a yummy dessert recipe soon.

The recent halal-haram wave…. Yup that’s the latest one. This post has been circulating for a while now, and though hardly anyone is sure about its being 100% true , people have been forwarding this post without thinking twice . Is this another Meri Maggi wala scam…. Hahaha . As the common man constantly gets carried away due to such fibs , no wonder this new post much have led a wave of anger among Muslims worldwide.
        I too, like many, who have been cherishing those Maggi filled evenings of childhood , never believed than Maggi could be hazardous to health. Now too , for me it is really hard to believe something like nandos , being a worldwide brand , would serve haraam chicken. I remember my trip to South Africa , where I would wait for a Nandos supper , hungry after a long days treck. The impeccably grilled chicken, with those fiery sauces , would leave my cravings unfilled. A South African vacation is totally fractional without Nandos.
             But what about India , where this food chain never worked. I have a very close version of the recipe to share. A chargrilled chicken tastes the best, but an electric water grill (braai) should work fine.

Zaffrani treat… Yummmm

Continuing the first post of mine which might have left you all curious…. Of course the review of Zaffran at Crawford market , is excellent taste with great hospitality and quick service , even though the restaurant was fully crowded.

      But my incomplete post must have left all of you wondering….. Here’s the catch…. I learned something from my favourite show the Vampire Diaries , leave an abrupt ending, and people will definitely want more…. 

Curiosity gives a desire to explore 

         This is how I was led on exploring more and more…. Nevertheless , see how my favourite penne looks… It’s sure to make you all drooling.

     So why are you all still drooling…. Gear up for a great dinner this weekend ….. And of course the pesto baked fish is a tantalising treat for our diet conscious Mumbaikars.

As a first time blogger, and being a hardcore foodie , I would like to share my experience of food love. Although Ravishing treats implies a lot more than food, this basic need of man catches the most attention.

               All  Mumbaikars know the endless struggle of our weekend… deciding where to eat . I too was in the same dilemma , until I finally decided to strike a deal between my Mughlai loving son and my  on a strict diet hubby. Zaffran was the answer for my Italian loving taste buds, without disappointing my son and husband.

            On reaching, I didn’t even have to peek at the menu card. Garlic cheese bread with penne in pink sauce, Shanghai prawns, pesto fish , butter chicken with butter naan and the most famous chicken tikka biryani was all we ordered.(Of course we didn’t finish all that and took the rest as parcel)