The recent halal-haram wave…. Yup that’s the latest one. This post has been circulating for a while now, and though hardly anyone is sure about its being 100% true , people have been forwarding this post without thinking twice . Is this another Meri Maggi wala scam…. Hahaha . As the common man constantly gets carried away due to such fibs , no wonder this new post much have led a wave of anger among Muslims worldwide.
        I too, like many, who have been cherishing those Maggi filled evenings of childhood , never believed than Maggi could be hazardous to health. Now too , for me it is really hard to believe something like nandos , being a worldwide brand , would serve haraam chicken. I remember my trip to South Africa , where I would wait for a Nandos supper , hungry after a long days treck. The impeccably grilled chicken, with those fiery sauces , would leave my cravings unfilled. A South African vacation is totally fractional without Nandos.
             But what about India , where this food chain never worked. I have a very close version of the recipe to share. A chargrilled chicken tastes the best, but an electric water grill (braai) should work fine.


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