Two ingredient mousse!!!

  My life changed drastically after the birth of my third child, and as you all know it’s no easy job being a referee. Yup, thats what my friends call me now, as I have become super busy to meet them. But parenting has its own unique challenges and obstacles, like making instant meals as per your kids wishes. Though the greater challenge lies in making with whatever stuff handy and minimal ingredients. 

Also It requires a lot of mental synthesis to decide different recipes everyday; which in turn demands various products to be available at your disposal. Desserts too are a  boon in bribing  kids to finish their meals and chores on time.

   So here is a recipe of chocolate mousse, so yumm, with only two ingredients and a minute of you precious time. 


  1. 200 grms Nutella
  2. 200 ml fresh cream
  3. 1tbsp sugar(opt)


Combine Nutella n cream n beat on high for a minute or two. Fill into mousse cups n refrigerate until set. Garnish with walnuts or toppings of your choice n serve.

  This delectable yet easy dessert is my favourite, as it is a time-saver. It is also a great dessert for small parties, and believe me, all from kids to adults simply enjoy this luscious dessert. Go , give it a try!!!


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