Curbing the intense- how to overcome bad habits in kids….

 Parenting requires a full time duty, which goes on inexorably throughout our lives. It’s not just a 24/7 scheduled anaphoric job, but makes us more of an all-rounder professionalist from a doctor to a teacher and lot more. And not any doctor, but a psychiatrist. Truely, we are so jammed up performing little acts of these people on a daily basis, that we forget the most important role to be in with our kids- the one they need the most in a parent–


 Relying  on our instincts (and anger too) is what we do most. But  counselling with our mothers and paediatricians has proven to have immensely positive results in their upbringing .so below are some useful suggestions; if followed; can not only improve our parenting tactics, but also help ourselves to remain calm mentally and cherish the childhood of our kids.

  • Be a friend.

Studies have shown that friendship between parents and their kids has astounding  results in boosting a child’s confidence and performance. It also helps in curbing bad habits and encourages polished etiquettes.

  • Time to time counselling with a knowledgeable person

This gives us a better grasp of our current scenario- as parents we tend to face day to day challenges like lack of studying , activities or misbehaviours etc. Discussion proves to relax mind as sharing our anxieties relieves stress.

  • Talk to them

Most important base of a relationship is easy communication. We talk with our kids and share; so do they. They learn from us. Take interest in everything they tell you, though it may seem irrelevant at earlier stage, forming a habit to talk with you will never allow them to keep anything from you.

  • Imagine yourself in their place/age

One of the greatest fears of a parent is their children repeating the same mistakes done by then when they were kids. But we need to understand, putting ourselves in their place, come out with a suitable solution to the problem they face. Imagining ourselves in their place will help us comprehend them better.

  • Respect their wants

We often say no when kids ask for something, because we know their needs from wants. But it’s better to acknowledge the fact that those wants become their need due to the competition they face in school with their friends. Someone from their group might have more luxuries like a play station, iPhones, iPad etc. At such situations, dont promptly deny them. Instead  try to deal with them, asking for something in return,like better behaviour or better scores. This way both sides win!!

  • Pray play and eat together

A family that eats together,prays together and plays together is a happy and content family. Unity in family is mandatory for a docile upbringing of children. 


  • Try giving minor responsibilities

The first step towards this is encouraging children to perform tiny tasks, (of course you have to tolerate a little jibber jabber,but it will stop eventually,believe me).  Another useful method is allotting little amounts of fixed allowance weekly or monthly, which will help developing a habit to save money, helping them to understand the meaning of being responsible better. It will also enhance their calculating skills and will learn to be careful by handling money.

Hope this post helps you in a better upbringing of your little ones and keeping a check on their mannerisms.


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