Chermoula Prawns..

    A multi cuisine restaurant where you can have enough assortments to pacify your tastebuds, Cafe Basilico offers great dishes, providing a top class hygiene. 

One of my favourite dishes from here is chermoula chicken skewers, a green marinade , hailing from South Africa. So restless to try the same taste in prawns, was what I was dying for. Ok , that says I love sea- food. But simultaneously keeping a check on health factor, grilled prawns are a better outcome, ( for taste as well.)

  So paired with assorted stir fried/ steamed vegetables gives a gratifying meal. Hope this one will captivate your hearts and become your weekly flavour, as it’s extremely effortless to concoct. 


  1. 1 kg prawns/chicken
  2. A bunch of coriander leaves
  3. A bunch of mint leaves
  4. 2-3 tbsp olive oil
  5. 5-6 green chillies
  6. 8-10 cloves of garlic 
  7. 1 whole lemon’s juice
  8. 1 tsp black pepper powder
  9. Salt to taste


    Grind ingredients 2-9 into a fine paste for the marinade and marinate the prawns/chicken for 3-4 hours.Grill on an electric braai or stir fry in a pan until cooked properly.serve with stir fried veggies of your choice. Also great with mashed potatoes.

    Easy to prepare, this recipe is great for parties and gatherings. Sure to enthral your kids too.


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