The OS syndrome-how to control  your online shopping addiction.

 When the world’s incredible things are at your disposal and a keypad with wifi at your fingertips, you seem to own the world.

‘Online shopping ‘- yup that is the definition for the most inexorable addiction channeling through various gizmos these days, have halted people and their mindsets into a fantasy-laid- state, creating more n more shopaholics each day. When everything is just a button away, pockets are drained dry even before the mid- month, and the rest of the month is spent in waiting for the first day of the next( when we usually get our allowance or salary.) 

 I so call it a “Syndrome” as it has led me too in its on flowing stream of wants,turned me into a shopaholic  and I became unable to decipher my needs from my wants. I still do it, but control it to a great extent.

There were days when I used to spend hours browsing for the perfect pair of shoes to the perfect pair of ear studs and go bonkers over the in numerous offers and sales. From site to site , I lost track of time. It was a new world to me , with infinite boutiques of stuff, kinda lost in a fairy tale land with a desire to enhance my wardrobe each day.(most of the stuff lays un used till date.) I even kept ordering for my kids , mostly apparels, and the left over time was spent in figuring a way to stack up and manage the money to pay the COD’s. It took over me so badly , I started neglecting important chores and kids. Of course they would be happy when receiving those parcels, but it would not last for long. So for those temporary moments, I was going astray.  

 Realisation hit me, when my elder daughter fell off the stairs, and there I was browsing, not attentive enough to notice until she came with a bruise on her elbow. Luckily she didn’t hurt herself much.From then I decided to put a check on this habit of mine.

  • Do some stress cleaning 

Cleaning your closet and shoe rack will help you realise the number of things lying unused or many items that are hardly used. It also relieves stress,as  going through old items like photos , cards etc is refreshing.

  • Save money

Decide on a particular amount as target on a yearly basis( keeping a high target ) which will help you save more than spend.

  • Off the wifi-Go take a walk

Whenever you feel the need to browse stuff online,just switch off ur wifi and go out for a walk, or indulge in some work out. If you feel lazy , then treat yourself with an ice cream instead. It’s better than being a shopaholic.

  • Pray and meditate

Praying has been proven to have astounding effects on mind and soul. Meditation has even better outcomes, in contrast with the chaotic world around us.

  • Do some baking

Sweet treats are simply ravishing after a day’s work, but obviously tastes better when it’s made by you. It’s simply a divine merriment when you bake a cake or accomplish a challenging dessert recipe, taking your mind off things for quite a while.

  • Watch your favourite TV show

The moment you take your smart phone in hand for browsing, prove you are smarter. Take a chill pill, go online and watch your favourite TV show instead. Mine is the vampire diaries… What’s yours?

  • Delete the shopping apps

These days we find a lot of ads compelling us to download innumerable  web related apps. Just delete the ones you have downloaded and avoid more.

  • Make a list of your priorities 

Making a scheduled list has always helped. But here the idea is not making a chore list but making a list of the fundamentals which you prefer doing other than shopping, like reading painting, listening music, dancing , any outdoor sport and try performing a different task each day. It surely helps, as mine is blogging.

So less of OS AND MORE OF HH…

Happy hobbies!!!!


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