A miracle of life!

Expecting a baby at an early age is not only challenging but draining too, both mentally and physically.Ten years ago, bearing my first kid, was nothing more than a feeling of desperately wanting to get over with the infinite hours of over stressed days. Not even knowing how to change a nappy, social circumstances had me married early and here I was happily fulfilling my pregnancy cravings, post six months of my wed-lock.

Then comes finally a day just before my first delivery, sitting with my mother and sipping an energy drink that our ancestors feed an expecting mother when her due date is near.The drink, made of whole milk with saffron and lots of clarified butter ( which makes me puke)and I am forced to gulp it down. Little did I know that would make me fat rather than helping my baby ‘slip out’. Lol. Yup that’s what every elderly person in my family thinks.

The very next as I lay on the hospital  bed moaning with unbearable pains of labour, and finally after hours of endurance I delivered a handsome baby boy. Being a mother finally transformed all the painful memories into a beautiful memory painted on the most elaborate page of my life…

The third day was the discharge and as I was preparing to gather my stuff, highly elated with joyous pleasure, the paediatrician entered for a final check up of my baby who had been sleeping calmly for hours. Being so young and naive, I didn’t realise a baby isn’t supposed to sleep for longer than three hours without feed. 

‘May be he is asleep as he didn’t sleep well last night,’I told the doctor,who by now understood something queer due to the lack of reaction from the baby.Except the breathing nothing seemed normal as he hadn’t even passed stools since hours, hadn’t got up for feed and hadn’t even cried since six hours.

The next moment was the nurses taking my baby away from my arms as he had to be taken to the NICU.Not knowing what was amiss, why wasn’t the baby responding , various blood tests began. Some of the tests had to be done at hospitals of higher caliber which were quite far, so blood had to be transferred into ice bags and were transported there. My eyes were swollen due to my constant weeping and lack of sleep. His blood was unable to break down the protein component of my milk, which resulted in halted-functional-disorder of some kind incomprehensible  even to the doctors. When the results came in, they were even more confused as all the tests were normal. They weren’t able to crack down the reason for this disorder, as we never had a hereditary history too. The paediatrician immediately contacted various doctors from all over the country and abroad in order to get help on the matter. With the grace of the Almighty Allah,they found a solution but were unable to justify its cause.

My mind lay stunned and haywire amidst the chaotic phone calls and relatives asking questions to which I had no answers. I was just praying and asking forgiveness to my lord. After five days of monotonous torture of fear  gripping my nerves, as my baby held for his tiny life, I saw his feet move just a bit and a ray of hope enlightened my world.That sudden thump of my heart when everyone lay busy  in their chores, is the memory  vividly strong in my mind till date and will forever be. A MIRACLE OF LIFE! 

My prayers were answered and my baby started recovering gradually during the coming days. Even the doctors were stunned. Slowly the top feed was replaced with my milk and there weren’t any problems reported.( the tests were performed on a daily basis).

My son started gaining the lost weight, and became mobile and active , showing all signs of a healthy normal baby.But the doctors were still confused and this case was taken to  the higher medical council of the state were meetings were held in order to find the cause. After many assumptions, ( of course Miracles don’t need a cause) they finally stated a MAYBE CAUSE.


That was the reason stated by the doctors but I define it my way; A MIRACLE OF LIFE PERFORMED BY MY LORD.


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