Softest skin for your baby!

  Motherhood opens a totally different chapter in a woman’s life, dignifying every aspect of her coming days. It changes everything, from chores to entertainment, each situation now has a new life to share those feelings. Be it a tiresome day, or a lovely evening with family , a baby’s smile changes it all, elevating a mother’s love and happiness. The most grasping moments that stay in a mothers memory are her cuddling her little one, playing with him/ her and feeling their soft skin. So how to maintain that ever- soft feel without much effort and expense? Here are some simple tips to help new mothers keep their Little Angels smiling all day!

  1. Milk with saffron

Gently massage your baby with milk and a few saffron strands . Bath your baby 10 minutes post massage.

2.Coconut  and olive oil.

This mixture works wonders with baby skin. Massage your baby with this fusion oil at night or before bathing. 

3. Almond/ coconut oil infused with Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera has proven to be beneficial for skin since ages. Infused with almond / coconut oil and applied to your baby, you will see the difference for yourself!

4.Breastfeed your baby and Drink lots of water

Breastfed babies are proven to have a lot of health benefits including a healthy and subtle skin. But the main idea is that the feeding mother should drink lots of water, which will keep your baby’s skin well hydrated and glowing.

5.Use a mild detergent for baby laundry 

Use a very mild detergent ( even a little shampoo will do) for your little ones laundry. Avoid using anti- bacterial solutions as these contain strong chemicals and detergent bars which tend to leave a whitish residue on the clothes.

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