Yet as another weekend approaches, my mind is  already racing from managing my chores-to -do- list to where-to-eat-on-Saturday kind of stuff. As a mother of three , my pre – planned schedule becomes a boon to my toiling days. Then again , I have this predicament of deciding a multi-cuisine restaurant or bribing my elder one with a lucious dessert, so that I get to eat at my favourite places.

          Café Basilico is the answer to my upcoming weekend, though I realise it’s not much of an anticipated break with three kids and their never-ending tantrums. Still….

Something is better than nothing

       The taste of their exotic dishes hailing from Mediterranean and middle-Eastern cuisine, relieves the stress. I have visited the place twice before, but each jaunt promises  a totally new experience.    

          While ordering for food , it’s crucial for me to strike a balance between taste and health. Their four cheese fondue as an entreé is a must, the Mediterranean platter, chargrilled rawas,Thai curry, creamy chermoula chicken are a few exemplary dishes to mention. But the menu offers a lot more than you can believe;from salads to appetisers ;burgers and sandwiches; from waffles to coolers …… And their authentic taste will leave you tempted for more. 

       Well, for the amazing non-alcoholic drinks(passion fruit mojito and Apple peach  cooler being the best) and the dessert section , there is so much to explore each time you visit this place . The ambience and service being up to the mark, you are sure to have a hospitable evening. I am already waiting for my Satuday… Are you’ll still deciding?


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